Limited time offer purchase any tag and get complimentary access to the premium feature for 1 year for free : Hurry offer ends 31 july
Limited time offer purchase any tag and get complimentary access to the premium feature for 1 year for free : Hurry offer ends 31 july

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An Essential For All Caring Pet Owners

Our 2-Dog QR code pet ID lost and found tags offer a range of powerful features that will give pet owners peace of mind. These tags provide the most comprehensive and free-to-use lost and found tools, powered by the Find-Me Mobile App platform.
What our customers are saying : “Its completely free to use with no subscription required.” (Natalie Ratcliff)

Lost Pet Notification

When your pet goes missing, our technology ensures a fast and safe reunification process. Our intelligent lost pet notification system automatically alerts other app users within a five-mile radius of your location that your pet is lost. It kindly asks them to keep an eye out for your furry friend. The notification includes a picture of your pet, important information, and your contact details.
What our customers are saying : “Amazing, this function is a game changer.” (Laura Bartlett)
Lost Pet Notification
Reunification Process

Reunification Process

When a fellow App user gets a lost pet notification and they spot your pet but it is out of reach, they can contact you through the App and let you know where your pet was seen. Additionally, when anyone finds your pet and scans the QR code on the tag, the Find-Me App will immediately release your contact information to them and send you a notification informing you that your pet has been found. The notification includes a map with the exact location where the tag was scanned. With just one click, you can get directions to your pet’s location.
What our customers are saying : “This is a fantastic tool but not only that, anyone not just app users, can scan the tag and start the reunification process and quickly reunite lost pets with their owners.” (Gary Rogers)
We understand the joy of knowing that your lost pet is found and safe, and our tags provide that peace of mind for pet owners. To aid 2-Dogs quest to ensure lost pets are found quickly and, most importantly, safely, please help us build the Find-Me community of app users by spreading the word to your friends, relatives, colleagues, and other pet owners. The more Find-Me App users we have, the more powerful the lost and found tool becomes.
What our customers are saying : “The Find-Me community is the greatest strength of this Mobile App Platform and has immense potential to significantly reduce the time it takes to find a lost pet. This is a common occurrence, and we applaud 2-Dogs & Find-Me.App for their efforts.” (Rob Huckstepp)
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Take A Look At Some Of The Amazing Features

Complimentary lifetime free access to the the lost and found functionality.
Online pets profile page which is users can edit & up date at the click of a button.
Users can hide all their personal information with one click.