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Top 7 Common Reasons Why Dogs Run Away

op 7 Common Reasons Why Dogs Run Away

Top 7 Common Reasons Why Dogs Run Away

Adventure Calls: Dogs are super curious by nature. They Might run away to explore new sights, smells and sounds in their environment. This is especially true for breeds with a strong instinct to hunt or roam.

Fear and Anxiety: Dogs are afraid of loud noises like thunderstorms, fireworks and unfamiliar environments. These loud and sudden sounds can startle and scare them and prompt them to search for safety. Dogs can also become anxious due to changes in their environment, such as moving to a new home or experiencing new people or pets.

Boredom Blues: Dogs require regular physical and mental simulations. A monotonous or restrictive environment can lead to accumulated energy and frustration, prompting them to escape in pursuit of more engaging activities.

Love is in the Air: Dogs mature much more rapidly than humans do. By just 6 months old, they are nearly sexually mature and run away in search of a mate, driven by their natural reproductive instincts. This behavior tends to be more frequent during times when dogs are in heat.

Chasing Squirrels: Chasing Squirrels is exhilarating for dogs. Its akin to the adrenaline rush humans get from extreme sports. The frantic scampering of the squirrel excites a dog, providing a thrilling mental and physical challenge. For many dogs, the act of chasing itself is more rewarding than actually catching their quarry.

Houdini Genes :  As loving pet owners, We often find ourselves puzzled by our dogs’ occasional escapades. While training and environment play significant roles, there’s a genetic factor affectionately dubbed the “ Houdini genes” that might be influencing your dog’s wanderlust.

Names after the famous escape artist Harry Houdini, these genes essentially make some dogs natural-born escape artists. Dogs with a stronger tendencies to explore and a higher level of curiosity may inherit these traits. These can manifest in various ways, such as digging under fences, leaping over barriers, or slipping out of harnesses,

Separation Anxiety: Dogs that form strong bonds with their owners, might try to escape when left alone, hoping to find their way to their human companions. This behavior is a sign of distress and longing for their owners presence.

To prevent your dog from running away, ensure they are well-trained, get plenty of exercise, and feel safe and secure. Spaying or neutering can reduce the urge to roam, and making sure your dog is microchipped will help you find them if they do get lost.

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